Dick Dale
June 1 2000
The Majestic Ventura Theater
Ventura, CA

Taper: Unknown
Digital Soundboard
Trade CD >WAV >Audacity (Combine Tracks, Re-Track Complete Recording) >Fix SBEs >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.47 By OldNeumanntapr

01. Nitro
02. Take It Or Leave It
03. Shredded Heat
04. Ghost Riders In The Sky >
05. Smoke On The Water >
06. Peter Gunn >
07. Smoke On The Water
08. The House Of The Rising Sun
09. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Reprise) >
10. Hot Links: Caterpillar Crawl / Rumble
11. Fever
12. Esperanza
13. Talk
14. Misirlou
15. Talk
16. The Wedge Paradiso*
17. Let's Go Trippin' >
18. Mr Peppermint Man** >
19. Bandito >
20. Third Stone From The Sun

The Band:
Dick Dale - Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet*
Ron Eglit - Bass
Dusty Watson - Drums

** Drum Solo

OldNeumanntapr Notes:
This show came to me in a CD trade mislabeled, and in addition, the track indexes were off and some tracks contained multiple songs. I did a lot of online research and looked through the Dick Dale archive of past shows on the Dick Dale website and I could tell right away that it wasn't what it claimed to be. Listening to the 'clues' on the recording also helped to pinpoint the correct show. Dick always mentioned where he would be on the next few nights, and this recording had him next playing Palookaville (in Santa Cruz), and also a theater in Petaluma. So, it was obviously not from the Birchmere in Virginia! (which is what the CD was labeled.) Dick also mentioned the California coast, and the airport in Oxnard. Also he was calling Jim Pewter to the stage and someone said that he was 'upstairs'. The Ventura Theater dressing rooms are on the second floor. I finally found an advertisement in a Ventura newspaper that had the show listed so I knew this had to be it! I don't know why it was mislabeled. Maybe the taper was hoping to keep the recording a secret. Maybe it was just an accident. In any case I'm glad I was able to figure it out. Also, For some reason, the acoustic portion of this show appears to be missing. RIP Dick. You truly lived up to your name as 'The King Of The Surf Guitar!'

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