Dick Dale
Mystic Theatre
Petaluma, CA
December 6, 2012

:: 48kHz/24 bit FILE SET ::

SBD > Edirol R-09 > WAV (48kHz/24 bit) +
Schoeps MK4's > Naiant Tinybox > Edirol R-09 > WAV (48kHz/24 bit)

WAV > MacBook Pro > ProTools 2018.12 (EQ, compression, limiter) > WAV (48kHz/24 bit) > FLAC

01. Nitro
02. Caterpillar Crawl
03. Ghost Riders In The Sky >
Sasquatch >
Rumble >
Surf Beat
04. Honky Tonk
05. Ring Of Fire
06. Esperanza >
Summertime Blues >
What'd I Say >
Cherry Pie
07. Pipeline >
The Wedge
08. Let's Go Trippin' >
Hey Bo Diddley >
Surfing Drums >
I'm Comin' Home
09. Amazing Grace
10. Miserlou

Dick Dale: guitar, harmonica, drums, vocals
Dusty Watson: drums
Sam Bolle: bass

Setlist may not be accurate or complete.

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