Disco Biscuits
SI Hall, NYS Fairgrounds
Syracuse, NY
Saturday, November 23rd 2019

Set1: 01:18:21
d1t01. Mulberry's Dream
d1t02. Catalyst>
d1t03. Mulberry's Dream
d1t04. Electric Slinky
d1t05. Crickets>
d1t06. 4th Of July>
d1t07. Crickets

Set2: 01:38:54
d2t01. crowd/tuning
d2t02. Clocks>
d2t03. Gangsters>
d2t04. Spacebirdmatingcall>
d2t05. Tractorbeam Jam*>
d2t06. Spacebirdmatingcall
d2t07. Little Shimmy In The Conga Line
d2t08. (e) Frog Legs>
d2t09. Run Like Hell^

*Fly Away (Crackazat)
^ending only; completes 11/22/19 version

Disco Biscuits:
Marc Brownstein - Bass, Vocals
Jon Gutwillig – Guitar, Vocals
Aron Magner - Keyboards, Vocals
Allen Aucoin - Drums

Location: Inside mixer enclosure just behind lighting board, 10ft left of ctr, GA Floor ~

Mic config: DINA Kwonbar, Schoeps A20S shock, large Manfrotto air-cushioned stand @ 12 ft, no windscreens ~

Source: Neumann SKM150(AK50's/LC3's/KM100's)>GAKables xlr>Lunatec V2>GAKables xlr>Apogee Mini-Me@24/48>AES/EBU>Sound Devices 722 @24bit/48kHz ~

Transfer, editing, mastering & conversion: Sound Devices 722 master file @24bit/48kHz>firewire>Sound Forge Pro 12.1>44.1/16-CD Wave v1.98(tracking)>FLAC16 via TLH v2.7.0(level 8), tag w/Tag Scanner6.1.1, ffp & md5-TLH

Notes: ~ S.F. 12.1 (volume gain +1.7db/2.8db, fade outs, resample highest quality w/ anti-alias filter, POW-R#1 dither to 44.1/16) ~
~ Apogee - soft limit on ~
~ Editing performed in 24bit/48kHz realm ~
~ Tracking may not be 100% accurate ~
~ Recording, transfer, editing, mastering & conversion by Steven Weld ~
~ Many Thanks to The Disco Biscuits & crew & the venue staff for allowing us to record and share the music ~