Excellent performance by Don McLean and band. The show starts with several covers but soon hits stride as we hear his own masterpieces one after after another. Audience was very well behaved with absolutelu no chatter and the hoots and shouts confined to the applause segments which have been balanced. The sing-along, requested and instructed by Don, added to the sound. Enjoy.

Faults: Few and minimal but see note re t01.

Burlington, VT -- Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
1996-05-04 -- 90:58

01. Everyday
02. -talk-
03. It Doen't Matter Anymore
04. -talk-
05. Love in My Heart
06. Lovesick Blues
07. -talk-
08. And I Love You So
09. -talk-
10. La La Love You
11. Homeless Brother
12. Headroom
13. Winterwood
14. -talk-
15. You're My Little Darlin'
16. -talk-
17. Careless Love
18. Crying
19. -talk-
20. It's Just the Sun
21. Sea Man
22. -talk-
23. Castles in the Air
24. -talk, band intro-
25. Hey Doll Baby
26. American Pie
27. -encore applause-
28. -talk-
29. Vincent

t01: start cut

No artwork.

Recorded by stevemtl: Sennheiser MKE2002 > Denon DTR80P (DAT @ 16 bit, 48 khz)
Transferred by stevemtl: DAT > Sony R500 > Roland R44 (16/48)> SD chip > HD
Mastered and posted to DIME on 2019-08-31 by stevemtl:
HD > Soundforge (L2 dither > 24/48: L2 level adjust, trim, edit, final fade) > r8brain (downsample > 24/44.1) > Soundforge (L2 dither > 16/44.1) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

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