Donna The Buffalo
Rex Theater
Pittsburgh PA
2017-02-11 Saturday

Source: In-House Matrix XLR outs > Lunatec V3 > SONY D8
Transfer: PCM R500 > Tascam CDRW900 > CD > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded by madtaper (

d1t01 -crowd-
d1t02 Funky Side
d1t03 -tuning-
d1t04 If You Only Could
d1t05 Heaven And The Earth
d1t06 Silverlined
d1t07 Forty Days And Forty Nights
d1t08 -tuning-
d1t09 I Love My Tribe > Blue Sky
d1t10 Tomorrow Still Knows
d1t11 Yonder
d1t12 -tuning-
d1t13 Embrace The Pain
d2t01 Ancient Arms
d2t02 Let Love Move Me
d2t03 -tuning-
d2t04 Part Time Lover - Revelation Two-Step
d2t05 West Virginia Rastafari
d2t06 Family Picture
d3t01 The Good Stuff %
d3t02 -thanks-
d3t03 Look Before You Cross My Heart
d3t04 Everyday
d3t05 -encore crowd-


d3t06 I Do Believe #
d3t07 -reminder-
d3t08 We're Working On That

% - debut
# - just Jeb and Tara

Never For Sale.
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Jeb Puryear - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tara Nevins - Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Accordion, Scrubboard, Tambourine
Dave McCracken - B3, Clavinet
Kyle Spark - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Raudabaugh - Drums

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