DONOVAN, England tour, xx october 1981, recorded by the BBC, broadcasted by FFF Sydney Australian radio station, Jeanlouis FM master

The story about this tape.

Recently, dime member Jeanlouis, who was an old partner in trade long time ago, gave me a large part from his cassettes collection to make room in his house.
At the begining of the 80's, he spent 2 years in Australia where he recorded some radio broadcasts.
I got this Donovan tape in trade 37 years ago but now i can share it from the master (FFF Sydney Radio broadcast).
During the show, Donovan introduces "a new song", out in october as a single called "Lassie Lay Down"; this song is also featured on his "Love Is Only Feeling" album published in 1981 in Germany (but only in 1983 in UK). Tracks 5 & 7 are on this album too.

It's not finished : strangely, on last sunday, while i was working on the tape, a torrent possibly from this show "poped up" on TTD (by fergyuk) in a shortened 41 mns version (info said :
BBC Radio 1 In Concert
Paris Theatre, London, England
November 14, 1981

But, checking to both recordings, i'm certain this show is not the same (songs introductions are different).
According to the DJ's outro (track 14), this was recorded by the BBC, october 1981 (during a Donovan prisons tour if i well understand his words).

I did a repair due to a short FM reception intermission on track 13.

Master cassette - marantz sd4051 deck - Zoom H4 - SD card on PC - Audacity (volume, repair, tracks, FLAC export) - md5 with TLH.

Donovan Leitch, Guitar & Vocals
Danny Thompson, Bass
Tony Roberts, Flute, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
John Stevens, Drums

01 Sunshine Superman
02 Jennifer Juniper
03 Lassie Lay DDown
04 Lalena
05 Lady Of The Flowers
06 Catch The Wind
07 The Hills of Tuscany
08 Universal Soldier
09 There Is A mountain
10 Hurdy Gurdy Man
11 Colours
12 Season Of The Witch (with band introductions)
13 Mellow Yellow
14 DJ outro

(total time : 57 mns & 35 sec).

Sound is excellent (sample in comments).

On dime by letsgo, november 2018.