Doobie Brothers Knebworth Festival ( the Bucolic Frolic ) Hertfordshire UK.
1974 July 20th
Listen to the Music
Black Water
South City Midnight Lady
Rockin' Down the Highway
Don't Start Me Talkin'
Without You
Clear as the Driven Snow
Eyes of Silver
Long Train Runnin'
China Grove
Down in the Track
Road Angel
Jesus Is Just Alright
China Grove reprise
A great 60 minute show,I actually preferred this to the Allman brothers which followed as it was so high energy from start to finish, the band are blazing and really on top form aided by Jeff Baxter who is phenomenal.

Unfortunately there is some talking , mostly during Blackwater, but also more towards the end of the set , which one would have thought would have been the time that people would be dancing and having fun, but sadly there are some guys near the taper who talk quite a lot, not constantly, but enough to be a nuisance.

As the chat is on the same frequency as a lot of the music this cant be removed without also removing musical information , I've toned it down where its possible to make it less audible. How anyone can talk during a show with Jeff Baxter totally shredding it is beyond me , but I send the talkers a much belated fuck off for their efforts.

Although it was lovely sunny day, there were were wind gusts on occasions,
something that plagued almost all recordings from this festival. Fortunately most of these have been repaired as much as possible, and as the show goes on there are fewer of them , this does however mean that bass response has had to be toned down as that extenuates the wind noise :-(

For all that probably 85% of this is without talk and wind noise and its not by any menas for completists only.

Many thanks to JK the taper who provided me with a copy of his digital master to try and improve, its a very good recording for the era ,especially given it was outdoors and in a field of 70,000 noisy hippies.

BST electret condenser mics and Her CR210 deck > 16 bit digital file> mac hard drive > audition and acoustica 7 premium edits , tone down applause ,improve levels where there were major fluctuations , repair wind noise, take out/tone down other noises and chat > x)> xact flac transfer
Recorded by JK to whom we should all be eternally grateful , remastered and transferred by GGB.
JK writes " That's what I call total dedication to the cause of retrieving musical documents. You've made it thoroughly enjoyable to listen to even after people got on their feet and built a human wall that dampened the sound so much you could hardly hear anything.
Knebworth and most of my recordings during the 70's and 80's were made using Uher CR210 coupled with two BST electret condenser mikes (those were easy to conceal in your boots with the cables running up you legs and stuck under your belt)There was no searching in Knebworth and Crystal Palace as far as I remember ; things were a bit tougher in Chicago and some of the french concerts were a real nightmare because the security guys were bouncers or goons working for the local (political) mafia, or generally both."
find enclosed a pic of JK at knebworth , he's circled to indicate where he was positioned.

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