The Doobie Brothers
August 9, 2019
The Music Center of
Noblesville, Indiana

Source: Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05->
Taper: ironchef

Total time: 72:33

01. Rockin' Down the Highway
02. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
03. Spirit
04. Ukiah
05. Clear as the Driven Snow
06. Cotton Mouth
07. Takin' It to the Streets
08. Sweet Maxine
09. Jesus Is Just Alright
10. Without You
11. Long Train Runnin'
12. China Grove
13. encore break
14. Black Water
15. Listen to the Music

Notes: This was their set opening for Santana. Recorded from lower pavilion
section B almost in line with the stage left PA stack. This was my first time
seeing the band, and I enjoyed it way more than I expected. The Doobies are
another of a long list of bands that classic rock radio ruined for me by constantly
playing the same few songs, and I just got turned off after years of that. I've
pretty much avoided the radio for the past decade and have a newfound appreciation
for some of these artist like the Doobies as I hear the songs for the first time in
ages and realize just how great some of their material is. Enjoy!