The Doors
1970-02-13 (late show) - Allen Theatre - Cleveland, OH
Taper: Doc West of 963XKE
Special thanks: Gregg Hicks

Lineage: Master Norelco C120 Cassette > Nakamichi DR-3 > Roland Tri-Capture > Audacity > 24bit/96kHz WAV > 16bit/44.1kHz FLAC

01 Roadhouse Blues
02 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
03 Alabama Song
04 Back Door Man
05 Five To One
06 Ship Of Fools
07 Dialogue
08 Love Me Two Times
09 When The Music's Over
10 Dialogue
11 Rock Me
12 Dialogue
13 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
14 Petition The Lord
15 Wake Up
16 Light My Fire
17 Dialogue
18 Soul Kitchen
19 Dialogue
20 Maggie M'Gill

Transfer notes: This version includes a few extra seconds of Roadhouse Blues where a tape break occurred before the final pass.
Tape flip occurs (but is fairly well obscured) during When the Music's Over. Maggie M'Gill has been edited to remove irreparably damaged
sections - there is a brief snippet of good audio patched in after removal of 5m41s of unusable audio.

Taper's memories:

The opening act was 'Eli Radish', a band from the Cleveland area...Jim was wearing black, head to toe...
he had a lot of fun and alluded to the Miami concert when said "I've got something to show you tonight, and it's bigger than a breadbox" and was quite sober....
the show was longer than usual Doors concerts....the show ended, we headed for the exits when Jim came back onstage and told some of the motorcycle
gang that was in front of the stage to stop people from leaving...Jim said that someone had stolen one of their jackets and then flipped the audience the finger
and said 'thanks Cleveland' and went back behind the curtain....we were shocked but it was post Miami, so we were looking at each other wondering if this
was over or not....then Jim came back onstage and said there had been a mistake and the Doors wanted to play longer, but their drummer's hands had been
taped up....was there a drummer in the house who could play with them....a minute or so later he came back and they had the opening act's drummer playing for them....
at one point Ray Manzarek sat on a chair and played slide guitar on i believe 'Little Red Rooster'....I was only 19 years old and totally sober....don't believe they served
alcohol at concerts back then, but I do think I saw the motorcycle dudes carry a case of beer to the front.