Dr John and the Lower 911.
Norwood Town Hall
RIP the good Dr.
Iko Iko.
Makin' Whoopee.
Ki Ya Gris Gris ?
Right Place Wrong Time > Goin' back to New Orleans >drum solo> drum bass duet > Goin' back to New Orleans.
? >band intros and solos.
May The Circle Be Unbroken ( with Keb Mo ) .

Norwood is nearly always a poor sounding venue and this was no exception, I've given this a remix but its still only average sound, around a B+ ,the acoustic set by Keb Mo was a far better mix, for some reason they cant seem to mix rock bands well at Norwood.

Dr. John - Piano, Vocals
Bobby Broom - Guitar
Herman "Roscoe" Ernest III - Drums
David Berard - Bass
Third or forth row seats .

Third of forth row seats on the right of centre.
Sony ECM 150 > Sony D5 analogue deck > mac HD > remix of original master in Audition 2019> increase volume , tone down applause and minor eq.
> flac XACT SBE( LEVEL 8 )
recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB