Drive-By Truckers
September 2, 2002
Phoenix Amphitheater
Pontiac, MI
Arts, Beats & Eats Festival

Rig was probably DAT recorder > PC > Soundforge > CD. .

Ripped the CD to WAV, then mastered/EQ/Widen/Limited in Protools.

Really nice DBT show from the Southern Rock Opera tour, though they
were previewing songs from Decoration Day already. They went on at
2:30pm after opening for Alice Cooper in Rockford, IL the night before.
The recording is really nice. The highs get a little washy/phasy at times but
I couldn't do much with it. I'd say it's a solid B.

Arts, Beats & Eats has since moved to Royal Oak. The Phoenix Amphitheater
is an outdoor venue that sits on top of a parking garage in downtown Pontiac,
Lots of space to stretch out or get up close. I don't think they've had shows
there for years, but they had some good ones.

Also posting the Wilco & Steve Earle sets from AB&E 1999.

001 Dead, Drunk & Naked.flac
002 Guitar Man Upstairs.flac
003 Ronnie & Neil.flac
004 This Highway's Mean.flac
005 Sinkhole.flac
006 The Living Bubba.flac
007 Do It Yourself.flac
008 Marry Me.flac
009 Decoration Day.flac
010 Let There Be Rock.flac
011 Zip City.flac
012 Buttholeville.flac

Do what you want with it, just don't sell it.
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