Drive By Truckers

June 18, 2003
Hoboken, NJ

Recording: SBD > Master Source
Transfer: unknown

Master Recording & Transfer by Anonymous
Source provided by Ted Mattes
Edited & Mastered with Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
July 22, 2020

- The majority of the source material in this series originated from Master DATs but some are Master Cassettes & unfortunately that information wasn't passed along.
- also on the bill was Immortal Lee County Killers
- t06, t17, t21 & 27 have multiple drop outs repaired with cross fades.
- any help with the setlist is appreciated

The Players
- Patterson Hood; vocals, guitar, mandolin
- Mike Cooley; guitar, vocals, harmonica
- Brad "EZB" Morgan; drums
- Jason Isbell; guitar, vocals
- Earl "The Birddog" ; bass, vocals
* Chetley "Cheetah" Weise; vocals, guitar
* J.R. "J.R.R. Tokien" Collins; vocals, chains

- setlist -
t01 - intro jam
t02 - Heathens ->
t03 - Your Daddy Hates Me ->
t04 - Sink Hole ->
t05 - Marry Me
t06 - Sounds Better in the Song ->
t07 - (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon ->
t08 - Hell No I ain't Happy ->
t09 - Decoration Day
t10 - Box of Spiders
t11 - 18 Wheels of Love ->
t12 - ?
t13 - One of These Days ->
t14 - The Living Bubba -> (Gregory Dean Smalley)
t15 - Do It Yourself ->
t16 - Zip City ->
t17 - Let There Be Rock
t18 - [small, medium, big]
t19 - Bulldozers and Dirt ->
t20 - Where the Devil Don't Stay
t21 - [bar fight]
t22 - Women Without Whiskey
t23 - Outfit
t24 - My Sweet Annette
t25 - Not Fade Away -> *
t26 - Buttholeville -> *
t27 - People Who Died * (Jim Carrol)

Total Run Time; 2:15:07.240

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[J.Noel 23 July 2020]

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