Drive By Truckers
vicar Street
28 February 2017

CA11(Cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR>Adobde Audition(levels Etc)>cdwave>tlh>you

Taped & Transferred by Kagee

01 Ever South
02 Surrender Under Protest
03 Darkened Flags On The Cusp Of Dawn
04 Uncle Frank
05 Why Henry Drinks
06 Women Without Whiskey
07 The Living Bubba
08 Where The Devil Don't Stay
09 Sinkhole
10 First Air Of Autumn
11 Guns of Umpqua
12 A Ghost To Most
13 Goode's Field Road
14 Ramon Casiano
15 Puttin' People On The Moon
16 Made Up English Oceans
17 The Righteous Path
18 Shit Shots Count
19 Steve McQueen
20 Zip City
21 Let There Be Rock
22 Shut Up & Get On The Plane
23 Hell No I Ain't Happy
24 Rockin' In The Free World

Another excellent show from the Truckers.

My 3rd time seeing them in Dublin - 2nd time in Vicar Street.

This one turned out pretty good - taped dead centre, about 15 metres from the stage.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after A Ghost to Most

Remember to support the Drive by Truckers - buy their albums, go to their shows & buy their Merch.

Turn this one up loud!

Enjoy the show!