Drive-By Truckers
The Music Hall in
Hartford, CT

01. Guns of Umpqua
02. Ramon Casiano
03. Baggage
04. Gravity's Gone
05. Plastic Flowers on the Highway
06. Filthy and Fried
07. Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
08. First Air of Autumn
09. My Sweet Annette
10. Marry Me
11. Ronnie and Neil
12. Surrender Under Protest
13. Sink Hole
14. Women Without Whiskey
15. The Living Bubba
16. Made Up English Oceans
17. Ever South
18. 3 Dimes Down
19. The Company I Keep
20. Kinky Hypocrite
21. The KKK Took My Baby Away (The Ramones)
22. Lookout Mountain
23. Zip City
24. What It Means
25. Once They Banned Imagine
26. A World of Hurt

Tascam DR-07-->Audacity-->Traders Little Helper
Taped by NotaryDPO

The Truckers' first show in Hartford. Infinity Hall is a small one, and there was none of
that beautiful Wes Freed artwork as a backdrop.
The band was simply blazing, though, tearing through a setlist that
would make a fan of anyone. Lots of variation from the night before in Albany.
That one is coming soon. See you at the rock show.