April 27, 2019
Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans, La.

Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > C.S. Battery Box (Bass Filter Off) > Sony PCM-M10 (@24/48)
(@15 feet from stage, DFC)
Transfer: PC > Audacity (Edits, Fades, Bass Reduced 6db, Tracking, > 16/44 WAV) > T.L.H. (FLAC 8, FFP) > Torrent

01. Superfly (CM - Curtis Mayfield cover)
02. Fight The Power (IB - The Isley Brothers cover)
03. Banter
04. Work To Do (IB)
05. Banter
06. Future Shock (CM)
07. Summer Breeze (IB)
08. It's Your Thing (IB)
09. Band Intros
10. That Lady (IB)
11. Banter

12. Freddie's Dead (CM)
13. Take Me To The Next Phase (IB)
14. I Wanna Be With You (IB)
15. Banter
16. Pusherman (CM)
17. Climbin' Up The Ladder (IB)
18. -Encore Break-
19. Band Intros
20. We're A Winner (CM)


Ivan Neville - Vocals, Keyboards
Tony Hall - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Nick Daniels III - Vocals, Bass
Ian Neville - Guitar
Deven Trusclair - Drums
Alex Wasily - Trombone, B.Vocals
Ryan Nider - Trumpet, B.Vocals
Taku (?) - Congas, Percussion

First Friday night of Jazz Fest at the Wolf for the Dumpstaphunk covers show here. This was billed as Dumpstaphunk
presents Dumpstafly : A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield and The Isley Brothers. This was a Fri., 4/26 ticket, but the Dumpsta
set didn't start until @12:40 AM Sat. so I've dated it as 4/27. The sound crew had a bit of trouble this night, as Nick's
Bass amp didn't work for the 1st 2-3 songs and Ivan's vocal mic wasn't turned up loud enough for the 1st 30 minutes or so.
With that said, this was one of the most satisfying of the covers sets I've seen. Even though I think this was the only
one that was only one set. This was material the band clearly knew well from their youth and they sang the heck out of these
songs. Not much close crowd noise here either and sound is excellent. Samples below. Enjoy!

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