Dweezil Zappa
Gothic Theater
Englewood, CO
Feb 23, 2020

Zoom H2(Internal Mics)>Audacity(Normalize, Amplify)>CD Wave

01. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
02. Guitar Rig Problems
03. Here Lies Love
04. Guitar Rig Fixed
05. Peaches En Regalia
06. Willie the Pimp
07. Son of Mr. Green Genes
08. Little Umbrellas
09. The Gumbo Variations
10. It Must Be a Camel
11. Penguin in Bondage
12. Penis Dimension/200 Motels/Bogus Pomp
13. Who Are the Brain Police
14. We ARe Not Alone
15. Brown Moses
16. Dumb All Over/Heavenly Back Account
17. Zomby Woof
18. I Have Been In You
19. Broken Hearts Are For Asholes
20. Big Swifty
21. Find Her Finer
22. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
23. I'm the Slime
24. Encore Break
25. Black Napkins
26. Muffin Man

Dweezil Zappa- Guitar, Vocals
Adam Minkoff- Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Kevin Bents- Keyboards, Vocals
Ryan Brown-Drums
Kurt Morgan- Basses, Vocals
Scheila Gonzalez- Woodwinds, Keyboards, Vocals