ECM All-Star Night at the Village Gate, 1976-01-19 FM Reel to Reel masters

This torrent is from the original FLAC files I torrented in 2005. There are some changes, however. All of the original files had file names, which caused interference for some Unix and Linux users. That has now been corrected by simply renaming the files numerically (01, 02, etc). The music itself is unchanged.

Many thanks to Dime member Third Uncle for bringing this music back to light. The artwork included reflects the original file names, and is somewhat incorrect in that regard.


CD 1

Intro of Ralph Towner
One By Six Twelve
Departure of Ralph Towner,Intro of Steve Kuhn
Life's Backward Glance
Tribute to 1976
Departure of Steve Kuhn, Intro of John Ambercrombie and Ralph Towner
Intro of entry of Colin Walcott

CD 2

Departure of Ralph Towner, Entry of Dave Holland
Night Glider
Intro of Gateway Trio, May Dance
Back Woods Song, closing remarks by Les Davis


Ralph Towner
John Ambercrombie
Steve Kuhn
Colin Walcott

The Gateway Trio:
John Ambercrombie
Dave Holland
Jack DeJohnette

Your host: Les Davis

Lineage: Reel to reel tapes 7.5ips ->Sound Forge ->Track splitup ->Flac Frontend level 8, sectors aligned and verified.
No noise reduction or other manipulation was performed.


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