Holy Cross College
Worcester, MA
'Desperadoes On The Border'
Audience Master Recording, Decent quality
Available as lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) files
Artwork Included

Disc 1
01 - Silver Dagger (Acapella) Intro - Take It Easy
02 - Outlaw Man
03 - Doolin-Dalton - Desperado Reprise
04 - Ol' 55
05 - Tequila Sunrise (cut/tape-flip at ~1:50 mark)
06 - Train Leaves Here This Morning
07 - Certain Kind of Fool
08 - Good Day In Hell
09 - Twenty-One
10 - Earlybird - Shenandoah Valley Breakdown

Disc 2
11 - Wait and See (previously unknown and unreleased original song - Henley)
12 - Learn and Teach(?) (previously unknown and unreleased original song - Leadon)
13 - Witchy Woman
14 - Tryin'
15 - James Dean
16 - Peaceful Easy Feeling
17 - Chug All Night
18 - Out of Control

Taken directly from a previously uncirculated audience master recording by David M. Some editing, adjustments made for better sound quality and presentation. This version prepared exclusively for The BB Chronicles by BBKron (http://bbchron.blogspot.com)
Tape issues: cut/tape-flip after first verse in Tequila Sunrise (~1:50 mark). After tape flip, lost left channel (extremely low volume), so converted rest of disc 1 to mono (using right channel audio only). Also, the last few songs on disc 2 (primarily 'James Dean', 'Chug All Night', and 'Out of Control') suffer from sporadic speed and pitch fluctuations and some distortion due to weak recorder batteries.
Note: Full stereo versions of the tracks affected by the tape-flip channel loss (tracks 5-10) were also created by substantially amplifying the left channel to achieve balance. However, this resulted in unacceptably high background noise and hiss (due to extremely low s/n ratio). This background noise is particularly noticable when using headphones or playing at high volumes (which is why I used the mono versions above). But for those that would like to have these stereo versions, I have also included them in the download, designated by a prefix of 'x' and suffix of 'ster' in the filenames.

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