The Eagles
Springfield Civic Center
Springfield, MA
May 15, 1975

Outstanding AUD recording (a Jerry Moore recording)

**mp3 samples provided (as always) in the Comments section**

Here is a really nice-sounding vintage Eagles show that I grabbed pretty recently from Lossless Legs. Since I felt the tracking on the version I downloaded from LL could be better than it was, I decided it would be better to offer my somewhat "cleaned-up"/re-tracked version. However, please note that this version does NOT attempt to alter the sound quality with any equalizing...I'll leave that up to you since that's a matter of personal taste. If anything, it may lack a little bit of low end, but for a 1975 audience recording, I think it sounds awesome as-is and doesn't really need to be equalized.

Huge thanks to Rob Berger for sharing this show at Lossless Legs, and huge thanks as well to the late Jerry Moore for the recording.

101. Take It Easy
102. Outlaw Man
103. Doolin-Dalton
104. Desperado (reprise)
105. Train Leaves Here This Morning
106. Peaceful Easy Feeling
107. Desperado
108. Ol' 55
109. One Of These Nights
110. Blackberry Blossom
111. Midnight Flyer

201. Journey Of The Sorcerer
202. Too Many Hands
203. Already Gone
204. Good Day In Hell
205. James Dean
206. Witchy Woman
207. Chug All Night
208. The Best Of My Love **
209. Tequilla Sunrise **

** with Dan Fogelberg on piano

Lineage (from the original info file that I downloaded):
source: aud 1st gen reel
Jerry Moore's 7" reel @ 7.5 ips

sony ecm 220(mono)>sony tc-152sd

lineage: cm>reel>dat>cdr>eac>cd wave>flac
transferred & seeded to Lossless Legs by Rob Berger

Additional lineage:
* Converted original FLACs to WAV files with FLAC Frontend
* Using Nero's wave editor, I trimmed 48 seconds of extraneous tuning and chatter at beginning of show and applied a small fade-in to Track 101
* Applied a small fade-out to the applause at the end of Track 203 (since the applause was cut on the source) and removed a second of tape squeak at the beginning of Track 204 and applied a small fade-in
* Applied a longer fade-out to the final applause on Track 209
* Combined WAV files in Nero's wave editor and re-split tracks with CD Wave
* Converted WAV files back to FLAC using FLAC Frontend (SBE-aligned)

Additional notes:
* The original FLAC files had "Journey Of The Sorcerer", "Too Many Hands" and "Already Gone" on Disc 1--they were moved to Disc 2 in order to balance-out the running times between both discs. And besides, there was a cut in the applause at the conclusion of "Midnight Flyer"...I "smoothed out" the cut by applying a small fadeout to the applause after "Midnight Flyer" (using Nero's wave editor).

* I also included a small subfolder on the late Jerry Moore, the legendary taper who recorded this show.

If you decide to download this show, won't you please consider posting a comment on the show's board? It only takes a moment, and believe me, it takes A LOT longer to prepare/upload a show for others to enjoy than it does to download and run.

And won't you please consider thanking Rob Berger for sharing this at Lossless Legs?

Uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
August 2009