The Eagles
Nagoya Kokaido Hall
Nagoya, Japan
February 9, 1976

From "One of Eastern Nights" bootleg

Contrast Clause:Previously a version of this was offered at:
That one is from a Soundboard source, it's complete and with a little better sound.Check the samples.

Source: SBD>??>CDr>EAC>FLAC

Disk 1
The Eagles Take It Easy (5:38)
The Eagles Outlaw Man (5:49)
The Eagles Doolin' Dalton (9:38)
The Eagles Turn To Stone (11:09)
The Eagles Lyin' Eyes (6:57)
The Eagles You Never Cry Like A Lover (4:10)
The Eagles Take It To The Limit (5:27)
The Eagles Desperado (3:39)

Disk 2
Midnight Flyer (6:17)
The Eagles One Of These Nights (4:52)
The Eagles Already Gone (6:04)
The Eagles Too Many Things (5:35)
The Eagles Good Day In Hell (5:41)
The Eagles Witchy Woman (5:35)
The Eagles Rocky Mountain Way (10:22)
The Eagles James Dean (5:01)
The Eagles Best Of My Love (4:17)
The Eagles Funk 49 (4:49)
The Eagles Carol (4:29)

One Of These Nights has 2 digipops that
were on the source disc.

There have to be a few cassette generations
in there somewhere with the hiss
on this recording. It is a soundboard though.

Thanks for the first uploader.

and happy holidays Xmas everybody


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