Hotel California Rehearsals
Record Plant, Los Angeles, California (?)
March - October 1976
(see notes below)

01. Randy's Gonna Play His Bass
02. Be My Baby (in progress) > How Long
03. New Kid In Town 1
04. New Kid In Town 2
05. "dead air"
06. Paradise (early version of "The Last Resort")
07. Big Night (early version of "Hotel California")
08. After The Thrill Is Gone
09. Take It To The Limit 1
10. Take It To The Limit 2
11. Banshee vs. C.N.
12. Fellini
13. Already Gone (Live)
14. A Bull Pig
15. Wasted Time

Studio > ? > DAT
Otari DTR-8S > Korg MR2000-s @ 16-48
iZotope RX6 advanced (prep) > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac)

Here are the EAGLES feeling their way through a batch of new songs.
Destined to be thier most popular release "Hotel California" can now be heard as it was being born.
These sessions catch the band working out the details of the songs soon to be some of their biggest hits.

The album was recorded between March and October 1976 at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida and also at the Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles, California.
Although the band favored Los Angeles, the producer Bill Szymczyk wanted to record in Miami as he had developed a fear of living on a fault line in Los Angeles after experiencing an earthquake.
A compromise was then struck to split the recording at both places
It was their first album with guitarist Joe Walsh, who had replaced founding member Bernie Leadon, and is the last album to feature bassist Randy Meisner.
Asylum released the album in December and it went straight to # 1.

No date or location was noted on the DAT for these sessions but my guess is this was from the Record Plant.
Similarly there is no date or location noted for the live track.
Maybe more information will surface in the future.

Not much done to the DAT transfer,
Removed a 60 HZ hum (with 3 harmonics) and corrected a DC offset.
Trimmed the excess dead air between tracks and removed some electrical noises (ticks, clicks and pops).
The amplitude of the live track was reduced to better match the "loudness" with the studio material.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.

-M- (Dec. 2017)

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