Eagles on "Soul Pole" Vol. 3
Date: 1977
Quality: A/A-/B+ (varies)
Source: Studio
Discs: Two
Running Time:83:43

Eagles sessions from 1977
Edited by their producer Bill Szymczyk and given to all participants as Christmas gifts, Dec 12, 1977
Limited to 50 copies and given out to contributors to the album.
There is also a volume four that includes additional studio outakes but I have never heard it

Note: many vinyl noises were cleaned up For Your Listening Pleasure

Track list:


side one of LP 1
101. More Salt and Lemons
102. We're Under Arrest
103. New York Telephone - spoof
104. What To Do at Hotels
105. Playing around on the piano
106. Mountains Of Cold
107. Intermission
108. Hot Leftovers
109. More Wate - fake weight gain commercial
110. Life Of Illusion - instrumental
111. Super Thins Reducer Tablets - fake weight loss commercial

side two of LP 1
112. A Flock Of Waa-Waa's
113. Sunrise > Them Moose Goosers
114. Ahhh, varoom noises
115. On Third Street - spoof of On Broadway
116. You Are A Dreamer - spoof of Hotel California
117. Rock Group > Be My Baby and chatter
118. Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy - spoof of Purple Haze
119. Pretty Maids plus chatter and joking around
120. The Last Resort with joke lyrics
121. New Kid In Town with King Arthur
122. The ping pong game


side one of LP 2
201. Phone interview - where Felder plays a joke version of the "One Of These Nights" guitar solo over the phone to Frey and Henley
202. Music City Songcrafters - fake commercial
203. The Bounce song intro with the Star-Spangled Banner >
204. Hey Fish (part one) >
205. This Is An ALERT
206. Hey Fish (part two) >
207. Them Moose Goosers (by Mason Williams)
208. Crank phone call and a Constipation discussion
209. The Math song
210. Calendar Girl - spoof
211. Hey Fish (part three)
212. Is This a Coke Rap or a Freak Out?
213. Castles Made Of Sausage - spoof of Castles Made Of Sand
214. The Bounce Song (reprise)

side two of LP 2
215. John - rehearsal
216. Crazy About You - instrumental jam
217. Them Changes - instrumental jam
218. Who Took My Joint? - instrumental jam
219. I've Been A Fool For You Baby - rehearsal and chatter
220. Disco Scotsman - rehearsal and chatter
221. Go To Church And Don't Play Rock and Roll - instrumental jam
222. That's A Wrap - chatter

from the original 2010 HC post-
"It is a 2CD set which I acquired in trade several years ago"

It was producer Bill Szymczyk's habit to put together a compilation of funny studio moments and send them out to friends and family as Christmas presents.
This two-disc set has moments culled from the recording of "One Of These Nights".
I've named the tracks to approximate their contents.
The "songs" are all snippets.

There's a lot of vulgarities and some "mature content" - be warned.

Trade CDR > EAC > TLH > Hunger City torrent in 2010
This LP was in pitiful shape and a repair session began as soon as I heard it.
Became worn out on how much time was required and put the project to the side.
Every so often I would return with different software and remove more noises.
All were individual spot repairs prior to using Izotope RX4.
You would doubt my sanity if I told you how many hours were invested in this renovation.

Clean up sessions
(2010-2012) Audacity (repair function on individual clicks and pops)
(2013-2015) Adobe Audition 3.0 (heal function on individual clicks and pops)
(2015) Izotope RX4 (60 Hz Hum reduction, fine crackle and thump removal)

This presentation is derived from a couple of worn vinyl discs
The original transfer included a "pop" filter that left some damaged spots that required repairs
Thousands of clicks and pops were individually repaired prior to a final Izotope RX4 crackle and thump filter
More tracks were created so it would be easier to find favorite bits and basic artwork is included
Although this is a vast improvement over the original source (IMHO) some audio disturbances do remain

For historical reference and not intended for resale or any commercial use.
-M- (April 20, 2015)
A Flying M Production


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