the Eagles
Don Henley- keyboards and vocals
Don Felder- slide guitar
Glenn Frye- guitar
Joe Walsh- lead and slide guitar
Joe Vitale- and flute
Timothy B. Schmidt- drums and vocals
Boston Garden
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 9, 1979
performance quality: A-
recording quality: B- in 1st 3 minutes, the rest is a B
source: audience tape (unknown lineage, could be a 2nd gen.)
runtime: 91:00
disc 1: 43:57
1: Hotel California 7:53
2: already gone 5:35
3: in the city 4:19
4: desperado 9:23
5: lyin' eyes 7:23
6: I can't tell you why 5:16
7: desperado (reprise) 4:06
disc 2 47:02
8: heartache tonight 5:09
9: one of these nights 4:02
10: turn to stone 10:04 (Joe Vitale on flute)
11: the long run 4:32
12: life's been good 9:06
13: life in the fast lane 5:04
14: (encore) Rocky Mountain Way 9:03
I don't know much about this recording (except fortunately, the setlist)
which is like the show, a nice one. there may have been more played after this,
but this appears to be the first 90 minutes of this show (maybe all of it,
if they only played 1 encore, but I think they may have done a couple more
songs after RMW). Fortunately that and everything else in here is uninterrupted,
the tape flip was between desperado reprise and heartache tonight, nothing missing
in either. once the taper gets settled in it's pretty listenable sound for a Boston
Garden aud. having seen the wild enthusiasm over the Commish's 1980 post and there
not being alot of Eagles recordings circulating on the dimewire, I happen to have
this one that would probably make for some good thanksgiving uploading sauce.
this would be early long run tour. the Commish's L.A. 1980 recording is alot
nicer than this (it's a soundboard) but even though those shoes were left out
of this concert (or the recording), I still think it's a hotter concert.
this is for all things Eagles, like Donovan McNabb, (formerly) Matt Ryan,
the big birds that represent so called "eagles" and the U.S.A., and fans of
this staple of American pop/country/rock music.
do not sell this recording.
selling eagles don't fly with PETA bread or immigration service.
Trade freely and losslessly.