The Eagles
Long Night at Wrong Beach

Long Beach, CA, USA

The infamous straw that broke the camels back. Or at least the Eagles' back. Following years of turbulence within the band, the bands then-final concert at Long Beach was the climax of what had been a collapse waiting to happen. Glenn Frey and Don Felder, having been at each others throats for quite some time, both finally snapped. They spent most of the concert trading threats and insults to one another, to such a degree that the microphones were even turned off between songs so the audience wouldn't hear it. After the concert ended, a fistfight broke out backstage and both Felder and Frey quit the band on the spot.

Also notable for rare performances of both "After the Thrill Is Gone" and "Sea Cruise", the latter of which Frey would later cover solo.

The tapes of this concert is one I have absolutely no clue where comes from. I found them (two 90 minute Scotch XSI tapes) in my dads tape collection in the attic, who got them from his brother (my uncle) who bought them at a flea market in the US in the late 80s. I realized it was the famed Long Beach concert after comparing it with another recording I found online that sounds like it comes from the same source/taper. There were some snippets of what sounded like a radio interview or talk show popping in between songs, which makes me think the tapes already had content on them when the concert was dubbed. These snippets have been removed.

The two 90 minute tapes were transferred from a Sony TC-RX55 to Audacity w/ gold plated cables, and subsequently normalized. No editing / remastering has been done except for volume and splicing (where the tape changes were).

B-/C+, complete, audible, but not the best one I've heard. The tape has probably been played alot, which makes it even worse. Sounds like a decent audience recording.

Audience > ? > Scotch XS I tapes (unknown generation, probably high) > Sony TC-RX55 > Audacity > FLAC

01) Saturday Night (cuts in, incomplete, missing 10-20 secs)
02) After the Thrill Is Gone
03) Keep on Tryin'
04) Seven Bridges Road
05) Pretty Maids All in a Row
06) Hotel California (brief cut at start, 2-3 seconds missing)
07) Already Gone (brief cut at start, 5-10 seconds missing)
08) In the City
09) King of Hollywood
10) The Sad Cafe
11) Lyin' Eyes
12) I Can't Tell You Why
13) Wasted Time Reprise / Desperado
14) Those Shoes
15) Heartache Tonight
16) The Long Run
17) Life's Been Good
18) Life in the Fast Lane
19) Rocky Mountain Way
20) Sea Cruise
21) Take It Easy