This is a great soundboard recording from the '94 tour. Excellent quality and performance.

I made one change to this show and that was to split "Lyin' Eyes" and "One Of These Nights" as they were together as one file. The rest is the way I got it.

Original Info File from Jerzeemon at the tradersden. Thank you very much Jerzeemon.

East Rutherford NJ
Giants Stadium
August 24 1994
title: Get Freeze It

Soundboard Recording (hardware unknown) -> Silver CD ->
Exact Audio Copy -> FLAC Front End



Hotel California
Victim Of Love
New Kid In Town
Wasted Time
Pretty Maids All In A Row
The Girl From Yesterday
I Can't Tell You Why
New York Minute
Ordinary Average Guy
Lyin' Eyes/One Of These Nights **new info - I split the tracks so they have there own files**


Tequila Sunrise
Help Me Through The Night
Love Will Keep Us Alive
The Heart Of The Matter
You Belong To The City
The Boys Of Summer
Funk #49
Dirty Laundry
Smuggler's Blues
Life's Been Good
All She Wants To Do Is Dance
Heartache Tonight
Life In The Fast Lane


Get Over It
Rocky Mountain Way
Already Gone
Take It Easy

According to the CD label, this recording comes to you courtesy
or Red Robin Records.


Glenn Frey
Don Henley
Don Felder
Joe Walsh
Timothy B. Schmit