Location: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 14 Nov 1995
Source: Audience
Transfer: CD-R from trade 100 years ago > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you
Sound Quality: A- in my rating and ears....

1 Hotel California
2 Victim Of Love
3 'Hello Tokyo'/New Kid In Town
4 Wasted Time
5 Pretty Maids All In A Row
6 The Girl From Yesterday
7 I Can't Tell You Why
8 Ordinary Average Guy
9 Lyin' Eyes
10 One Of These Nights
11 Tequila Sunrise
12 Help Me Thru The Night
13 Love Will Keep Us Alive
14 The Heart Of The Matter
15 You Belong To The City
16 The Boys Of Summer
17 Funk #49
18 Dirty Laundry
19 Smuggler's Blues
20 Life's Been Good....
21 Life's Been Good cont...
22 Heartache Tonight
23 Life In The Fast Lane
24 Get Over It
25 Amazing Grace/Rocky Mountain Way
26 Already Gone
27 Desperado
28 Take It Easy

Im cleaning up external hard drives, dusty shelves, boxes etc and
do some re-runs of boots I've previously upped and some newies as well
before the stuff is stored away.

Great recording from Hell Freezes Over Tour. Received this one from a Japanese
taper/trader for many years ago. I have never seen it on any tradelists so
I guess its not widely circulated.

Enjoy the mucic
Upped on Dime by Hanshcv January 2011