Eagles Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee Summerfest July 7th 2002

Here is a great sounding concert that did not disappoint me. There are some
killer hi-fi sounding moments on this one. This could be the best sound
I ever heard in this pavilion. I was told that 155 minutes of tape was going
to do it. They were wrong. I missed the end of the last song.
The first and only time I will Nagra up a show like this alone. It took a week to
recover. The music I did get for three reels at 48 minutes each was priceless.
If there is one song you love on this recording....it will be more then worth
your trouble.

Analog Master RB.



Dead even w/ mixing guy 6 seats to the left (left center)
Recorder: Nagra IV-S Reel to Reel analog:
Tape: Scotch 3M-967 good for 48.30 minutes
Mics: AKG 414 (48 volts in Nagra)

Played back on identical machine>
Pre-amp: Naim 52
CDR Recorder: Tascam CDR-2000.
CDR: Taiyo Yuden Gold Satin 74-ZY
PC Drive: UltraPlex40max SCSI
EAC (1.8X speed extract OR slower)> FLAC> To You Guys, enjoy, RB

All my uploads are exactly as the master...RAW! This includes all
if any...gaps, cut songs, pops and bad tracking. But if I were you,
don't let this discourage you to download.

*Please post after you have heard the show!*

Reel # ONE

1. The Long Run
2. New Kid In Town
3. Wasted Time w/ Reprise
4. Peaceful Easy Feeling
5. Pretty Maids All In A Row
6. Love Will Keep Us Alive
7. Boys Of Summer
8. Take It To The Limit
9. Already Gone
10. In The City
11. Band Introductions

Reel # TWO

1. One Of These Nights
2. Witchy Woman
3. Lyin’ Eyes
4. I Can’t Tell You Why
5. Walk Away
6. Tequila Sunrise
7. Sunset Grill
8. You Belong To The City
9. Life’s Been Good

Reel # THREE
1. Dirty Laundry
2. Funk #49
3. Heartache Tonight
4. Life In The Fast Lane
5. Hotel California
6. Rocky Mountain Way
7. All She Wants To Do Is Dance
8. Take It Easy
9. Desperado


a84d72492fcc75f03abbce39d785b346 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track01.flac
0bb0b57373cd2bb7c47800a8343fe8be *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track02.flac
05511136cfd167562da90f53d232eea9 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track03.flac
521687de696725415263dcaf8477c35a *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track04.flac
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82635408e951bc84fdf2ce930d7cb2f6 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track07.flac
33ff59aaf22c42ebf926933b455ae4c6 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track08.flac
37a465c11b17119f274b69b6b6ba88f0 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track09.flac
7bf13d70374b9f5a1d0374740f80494b *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track10.flac
5bc56b4ff3f0f748141ea8f6ade7d006 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track11.flac
811ef7f2a252e53277321f93fe2b44fc *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd1Track12.flac
ba1171fc1789fb4551c674eb2ef69e3d *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track01.flac
5e999edee6380b7c42144a1506a9e66b *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track02.flac
89bdc89697917c023f4e470560f59687 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track03.flac
c318ef6f30cffd9d69a324ec9f141fcb *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track04.flac
08cbf0f2cbbe75e00b8f06aed6b74714 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track05.flac
f7e2af1e95ae49051334d1f563143989 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track06.flac
3bc15db7c43b10df533d76abd5e475a0 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track07.flac
0823729316ad05c9185e89ed88aa8f07 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track08.flac
c118881e7cd5511ca4dfdc77cb1b714a *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track09.flac
19e39c31905eb11cbee59b6bdc618d0c *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track10.flac
e520db070a4917ab1f8c33ad1331b63f *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track11.flac
1f4b7d993e1ed029f72d1297fe17c67a *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track12.flac
cb7ccb76388b89b8fd547c0242f483d1 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd2Track13.flac
f81841cc61c440f87032ca01fe40b21e *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track01.flac
59f77bba6e94bae9ff9c43e1199ef9b8 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track02.flac
056f03b8449e05466b7b930229987e37 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track03.flac
7266695c065a7f35f8dd0d2d2821dd1f *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track04.flac
78c9c57a705986a8e2de7dfacdfc3b79 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track05.flac
27e65f23a035366e21d58e4c696158af *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track06.flac
12c0fdf2f612721462bd5dc37cb1bf8c *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track07.flac
4c70c727c31aaf4d24d3524dca6ef5c0 *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track08.flac
af685a93c6fa004a0b20cc42caea564d *Eagles-July-7th-2002cd3Track09.flac