Artists: The Eagles

Date: 03 - april - 2008

Venue: Sportpaleis AHOY

City: Rotterdam

Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones + Edirol R-09

Edirol > Harddisk editing with Soundforge 4.5 + plugins and using the Sonic Maximizer Process > SEKD Red Roaster

Recording: Young Dutch Master

Editing: Young Dutch Master

Artwork: Young Dutch Master

Photo's: Young & Old Dutch Master

Recorded directly under the right hanging speaker stack
(standing area 8-9 rows from the stage)

Artwork is included:
there is artwork for a jewel case 3cd box (10mm.) an artwork for an old fashioned double-thick 3 cd box.

The sound is excellent.

As we had a loud clapper standing next to us and a couple of people - who were very talkative throughout the entire concert - standing directly behind us I had to cover the mikes inbetween songs to protect the recording from clipping.
Overall it's a pretty good recording where ome talking can be heard inbetween songs.
The sound in the venue was excellent as was the performance.

The concert was divided in two sets: the first one reaching well over one hour (CD 1) and the second set lasted over 100 minutes. The second set is split over 2 CDs, making the show fit on 3 CDS.

Disk 1 (set one):

01 How Long
02 Busy Being Fabulous
03 I Dont Want To Hear Anymore
04 Guilty Of The Crime
05 Hotel California
06 Peaceful Easy Feelin'
07 I Can't Tell You Why
08 One Of These Nights
09 Lyin'Eyes
10 Boys Of Summer
11 In The City
12 The Long Run

Disk 2 ( set two / first part)

01 No More Walks In The Woods
02 Waiting In The Weeds
03 No More Cloudy Days
04 Love Will Keep Us Alive
05 Take It To The Limit
06 Long Road Out Of Eden
07 Somebody
08 Walk Away
09 Witchy Woman

Disk 3 ( set two / second part + encores)

01 Band Introduction
02 Life's Been Good
03 Dirty Laundry
04 Funk # 49
05 Heartache Tonight
06 Life In The Fast Lane
07 Take It Easy
08 Desperado

This recording is made by fans for fans

Do not sell or buy or transfer to MP3.