Forum Assago Milano, Italy
June 13th, 2009

Here's a different source from the same show offereed previously here
It's a total different recording, hard to judge if it's better or worse.
It comes from a longer way from the stage, so the sound it's a little bit distant
but people around seem to be less talkative than previous recording
By the way it was a beautiful show.
I had to run back home towards the end of the show so last 2 songs come from a different source(lineage unknown)

set list

part 1
01. How Long
02. I Donít Want To Hear Anymore
03. Guilty Of The Crime
04. Hotel California
05. Peaceful Easy Feeling
06. I Canít Tell You Why
07. Witchy Woman
08. Lyiní Eyes
09. The Boys Of Summer
10. In The City
11. The Long Run

part 2
12. No More Walks In The Wood
13. Waiting In The Weeds
14. No More Cloudy Days
15. Love Will Keep Us Alive
16. Take It To The Limit
17. Long Road Out Of Eden
18. Walk Away
19. One Of These Nights
20. Band introduction
21. Life's Been Good
22. Dirty Laundry
23. Funk #49
24. Heartache Tonight
25. Life In The Fast Line

26. (Crowd)

27. Take It Easy
28. Rocky Mountain way (different source)
29. Desperado (different source)

front tribune behind soundboard - center

Edirol 09 built in mics => PC => Goldwave (Amplyfight - equalizer) => CD WAVE => FLAC => DIME