The Arena
Ontario, CA

Recorded By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)

Equipment/Lineage: Audience/SP-CMC-25 mics (Croakies)>SP-SPSB-2(Battery
Boost Box)>Sony PCM-M10>CD Wave Editor>Traders Little Helper flac level 8.

Recorder Settings: PCM-M10 at 44.1 kHz/16 bit, low mic sensitivity, manual
record, limiter on, mic power off, low cut filter off, speed control off.

Comments: Here is our recording of the Eagles in SoCal (Ontario) on a
saturday evening. This was our first time at this venue. The sound at this
arena is a bit better than average (IMHO). We were located stage right,
even with the soundboard, about 12 rows off the floor. The crowd was a bit
excited around us. The show included many songs from their "latest" album.
Sound was excellent and another solid performance by the band. We never get
tired of hearing all their great songs, and we enjoyed this show. Enjoy!

Please: Convert to lossy format only for personal use.
Please: Do Not Buy or Sell This Recording.
Please: Trade Freely.
Please: Relax and Enjoy!


Set 1

101-Seven Bridges
102-How Long
103-Busy Being Fabulous
104-Glen speaks
105-I Don't Want To Hear It Any More
106-Guilty Of The Crime
107-Hotel California
108-Peaceful Easy Feeling
109-I Can't Tell You Why
110-Witchy Woman
111-Glen Speaks
112-Lyin' Eyes
113-The Boys Of Summer
114-In The City
115-Don speaks
116-The Long Run


Set 2

201-No More Walks In The Wood
202-Waiting In The Weeds
203-Glen speaks
204-No More Cloudy Days
205-Timothy speaks
206-Love Will Keep Us Alive
207-Glen speaks
208-Take It To The Limit
209-Long Road To Eden
210-Walk Away
211-One Of These Nights
212-Glen Introduces The Band Members
213-Life's Been Good
214-Dirty Laundry
215-Funk #49
216-Heartache Tonight
217-Life In The Fast Lane

218-Encore Break

219-Take It Easy
220-Rocky Mountain Way

Remember that it's only a memory if it was not recorded!
...........and stay stealthy my friends.................