Artist: Eagles
Date: 2010-10-10
Venue: Austin City Limits Music Festival
City: Austin, Texas
Recording Location: Recorded right of soundboard
Recording Info: Audience->Sonic DSM-6S/L->Sonic PA-3SX->MT2496->cdwav->Flexible Renamer->->foobar2000 live show tagger-traders little helper->dime 2010-10-24
recorded by seedy

01. Seven Bridges Road [cut]
02. How Long [cut]
03. Take it to the Limit [cut]
04. Hotel California
05. Peaceful Easy Feeling
06. I Can't Tell You Why
07. Witchy Woman
08. Lyin' Eyes
09. Long Road Out Of Eden
10. Walk Away (James Gang cover)
11. The Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover)
12. In The City
13. The Long Run
14. Band Intros
15. Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh cover)
16. Dirty Laundry (Don Henley cover)
17. Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
18. Heartache Tonight
19. Life in the Fast Lane
20. Encore Noise
21. Take It Easy
22. Desperado

Somehow I forgot to turn the battery box on the first three songs!