Rod Laver Arena 2015-02-22
History of the Eagles Tour

Recorded by Brother Ruprecht
Church CA11 Cardioids > Church ugly Battery Box > Sony PCM M10B (no filters no LCM - Pure Audio)
Audacity used for track split and fade in fade out
Flac file and torrent created by Traders Little Helper.

Recorded from the RHS of the stage about half way back - but you wouldn't think so.


This is a great recording i'd go 9/10. One of Brother Ruprecht's best. The clarity is awesome - sounds like you are in the room with them.

The security was mental at this show - there was a sign outside informing patrons that if they used their phones for texting they would be asked to leave. Signs said you couldn't stand up and that anyone using a phone for pictures would also be asked to leave. Brother Ruprecht, as you know, is a simple soul but does like to understand the rules. He stood infront of this sign for a quite a long time and re-read it. Finally he was certain that it didn't say anything specific about using a Sony PCM M10B so he decided it was OK to carry on as planned and see if he could get a good recording. On hearing it I think he succeeded.

All the band got introduced - early on in the show - except Joe - but you can hear when he came in - the crowd let you know.

A few late comers pushing past Ruprecht at the start make a few squeaking chairs interfere with the recording - but other than that it's pretty damn good.
A famous taper friend of Ruprecht in the US heard a sample and said "Don would blow a gasket if he heard this!"

Joe is talking about the festival of lights in Melbourne the night before when he introduces Life's been good. Brother Ruprecht considered thanking the venue for the no stand up rule - as it meant he had clear line of sight for the entire show, ensuring no muffling on the recording - but he didn't have time at the end as he needed to catch a train back to the halfway house before they realised he was out of bed again.

Ruprecht split this show over 3 CD's - set 1 on the first and the second set split over 2 more.


Brother Ruprecht asked me to point out that he wants everyone to enjoy this show but only as an ADDITIONAL document to augment any official releases from this tour.

set 1 (cd1)
Saturday night
Theres a train leaving this morning
Peaceful easy feeling
Witchy Woman
Doolin Dalton
Tequila Sunrise
Doolin Dalton / Desparado reprise
ALready Gone
Best of my Love
Lyin Eyes
One of these Nights
Take it to the limit

Set 2
Pretty Maids
I Can't tell you why
New Kid in Town
Love will keep us alive
Heartache tonight
Those shoes
In the City
Band Intro
Lifes been good

The Long Run
Life in the fast lane
Hotel California
Take it Easy
ROcky MOuntain Way