EODM Birmngham 6 Nov 2015
Taped by robnwcc

Vivanco mic -> sharp MD -> wav via PolderbitS ->
tracksplits and eq -> flac -> you

i turned my mic way down for this show as normally
my recordings are too bassy. today it was way to quiet!
Think i may have a mic issue....

have boosted and eq'd the recording as the original was
very quiet with lots of background hiss.
its still not perfect by any stretch but better
still hiss and background noise in between songs,
but the tracks themselves are mainly ok

great gig, the band were on fine form.
wasnt originally going to share this due to sound issues,
but having watched the news this morning, decided to sort
the recording as best i could and share it.

01 intro
02 i only want you
03 dont speak
04 who loves the devil
05 complexity
06 secret plans
07 english girl
08 silverlake
09 cherry cola
10 ?? help needed
11 Save a prayer
12 ?? help needed
13 Whorehoppin
14 wannabe in LA
15 got a woman
16 (encore)
17 black sabbath teasers
18 midnight creeper
19 stone walls and steel bars + another song
20 miss alissa (+ happy birthday)
21 boys bad news
22 speaking in tongues

tracks 17 - 20 jesse solo
jesse chatted about black sabbath on and off during the gig
he did a couple of teasers as he came out to do the solo songs