I'm not a big blues rock fan, but that's not Eamonn McCormack's fault. He's a nice guy and a skilled player, who played the show alone with some backing tapes. An ok opener for Jan Akkerman.

Soon after he started, a smell of burning paper came up, along with some smoke clouds under the ceiling. McCormack pays some tribute to the famous Frank Zappa/Smoke on the Water incident at Montreux.

So why not leave the closing words to Frank Zappa:

"I have taken your time
I have sung you my song
ain't no great revelation
but it wasn't too long"

01 That's Rock'n'Roll 3:51
02 Still Missing You 7:21
03 You take my Blues away 5:24
04 A Night in the Life of an Old Blues Singer 7:05
05 Angel (Jimi Hendrix) 5:45
06 Heal my Faith 5:01

total 34:27

technical stuff:

recording position: ~3m from stage, center
zoom h5 48 kHz 24bit / internal mics / clean input signal -> mastering (wavelab) -> flac 44 kHz 16 bit
mastering: volume correction, treble enhancement, limiter

Recorded & mastered by wannerl

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