Well, this is Earl Scruggs. What can one say about this man who helped create modern bluegrass? This was a great set on a warm summer evening on the hill. It did start to rain a little, you can hear the pitter patter on the umbrellas at times. It did rain hard enough for Earl and his band to take cover backstage, inside the trailer. But what did they do there? They set up a mike, sat around it, and played! I had a view of them through the door. It was very cool, I had never seen anything like it. The rain did let-up and they came back out to a roaring crowd (none of whom left). Quite a night.

I do not know any song titles, or the band (although he may introduce them during the set) sorry. If anyone can help out, thanks. There are 26 tracks and I have it on 2-CDs, split down the middle.

This is the fourth of nine shows I have to share with y'all that Me and my buddy taped at the Greyfox Bluegrass Festival in 2004 and 2006 (ok, he taped, I carried the beer and packed the pipe). We taped acts from Earl Scruggs to Steve Earle (heh, heh, pretty good one, no?). And many more. The setup at the festival was sitting up on a hill, looking down onto the stage. Both years we were next to the soundboard, so about even with the speakers, 2/3 of the way up the hill. Given the stillness of the warm summer nights (except when it rained, or the day sets), and their exceptional sound crew, the sound is amazing, I can safely brag they are near soundboard quality. (Also my buddy's nice DAT deck and his very good mikes helped a bit) (sorry, don't know what they are). I will offer samples for you all to hear for yourselves.

I hope you all enjoy these. They were taped with love and beer and... Listen, enjoy, disseminate. MP3s? Not a problem.