Earl Scruggs and Arthur Smith
"Jam Session at one of their homes"

Earl Scruggs - banjo
Arthur Smith - fiddle

Unknown Reel Source

01. Introduction by unknown gentleman
02. ?
03. Blackberry Blossom
04. Love Letters in the Sand
05. Little Darling
06. The Girl I Love Don�t Pay Me No Mind
07. Fiddler�s Dream
08. Tennessee Wagoner
09. (x) Hickory Leaf
10. Old Bill Cheatham
11. Dusty Miller
12. Cumberland Gap
13. Turkey in the Straw
14. ?
15. Uncle Joe
16. ?
17. Chicken Reel
18. Ragtime Annie
19. Listen to the Mockingbird
20. (x) Sally Goodin�
21. (x) Dixie Stomp
22. You Are Always on My Mind
23. (x) Sugar Creek Stomp
24. Smith�s Rag
25. (x) Freight Train Moan
26. Dixon County Breakdown
27. (Untitled)
28. Red Apple Rag
29. Chatter > Cheatham County Breakdown #1
30. Cheatham County Breakdown #2
31. Old Joe
32. Billy in the Lowground
33. New Money
34. Crossroads
35. Ain�t Gonna Rain No More
36. Whistling Rufus (x)
37. "That's All, Folks!"

Quality is quite clear for an old recording and a likely inexpensive tape deck.
The original tape was apparently edited by an unknown gentleman at a later date, who gave a brief introduction to the recording, and introduced song titles throughout. Apparently, he realized and appreciated the historical nature of the tape and did us all a great service by sharing his comments with us.
Imported broadcast WAVs into Audition:
- Normalized to -0.5 dB
- EQ: Low-pass @ 16k to reduce hiss
- removed ~2.02 second gaps between each track
- cut audio saying "these recordings were recorded in 1957", originally stuck in the middle of track 19, placed it at the beginning of the recording with other introductory material.
- removed a number of pops and fixed a number of very short dropouts (which came out as a click). Didn't remove all the pops.
- removed some redundant material present elsewhere on the recording
- some minor track damage is audible on the last 4 songs or so, this sounds like it was likely introduced at some point after initial digitization.