EARTH - 2014-09-26
The Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia, PA

01 Intro
02 Badger's Bane >
03 Even Hell Has It's Heroes
04 Old Black
05 There Is A Serpent Coming
06 The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
07 Torn By The Fox of The Crescent Moon > Ouroboros Is Broken

Dylan Carlson - guitar
Adrienne Davis - drums
Don McGreevy - bass

AUD foot-of-stage H2.WAV -> Audacity {QuickQuack UpStereo Stereo Expander [widened by 10%, gain increased by 5 db] -> Normalize [to -3 db] -> Track Splitting -> Export in .WAV} -> xACT FLAC Compression

Recorded and processed by pellacarres

Sold out show. Great set, the band was in high form. Expecting Bill Herzog, Don McGreevy was a pleasant surprise. Don's massive bass sound fills out Earth as a power trio, and his melodic style, here slowed to thick molasses, complements Dylan's guitar with riff doubling and layered drone discord like no one else can. Adrienne (who seems to get healthier and more fit every time I see her) is impressive—-you can hear her endeavoring to make these slow songs even slower. Dylan's special sauce right now is the chorus pedal and his playing is narcotic as always. The crowd's energy could have easily carried them to an encore or even a few more tracks, but the Boot and Saddle has a strict 11pm noise ordinance it has to follow.

I placed the H2 (90 degree stereo mic) at the lip of the stage next to the wedge monitors, to get the least house mix possible. Bass dominates a bit more than I would like, but a solid capture.