Earth, Wind & Fire
2003-06-02 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA

ALD Master 108.24 min A/A-

Lineage > Master > Flac > CDR's> Wav> Soundforge > Flac Frontend with SBA level 8 > You

Recorded by MarkP, thx to him for providing the Flacfiles.

Some work was necessary, to improve the sound. Original recording was mono.
By delaying the left channel by 6/1000 sec I created a quasi stereo image.
Some equalizing was applied as well, to create a harmonic balance.

I attended the show with my wife and it was a great experience.
It doesn't happen very often, that one dances almost the entire show.

I hope you like it as much as we did and I'm very grateful, that MarkP
was able to provide me with these files to revive the experience.

Boguspomp feb 2006.


01 Intro ( PA)
02 In The Stone
03 Sing A Song
04 Unknown
05 Shining Star
06 Serpentine Fire
07 P.Bailey and audience
08 After The Love Has Gone
09 Got To Get You Into My Life
10 Get Down Boogie
11 Higher
12 Jungle Boogie
13 Unknown
14 Fire
15 Would You Mind ?
16 Be Ever Wonderful
17 Unknown
18 Unknown
19 Unknown
20 Boogie Wonderland
21 Instrumental
22 Introduction Of The Band
23 Reasons
24 Piano Solo
25 Fantasy
26 September
27 Let's Groove
28 Encore/Keep Your Hands To The Sky
29 That's The Way Of The World
30 Outro (PA)