with Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Ovens Auditorium
Charlotte, NC (USA)
2012- June 22

TAPER: Univonc
Location: 5th row dead center


Great show and the wife allowed me to take the recorder.
Wasn't expecting perfection in the recording.
Anything was better than nothing.
I had the recording levels VERY low with 18 dB drop intially.
As one would expect there are people who come to concerts and talk.
I don't think it interferes with recording


Marantz PMD661 (int mics)
Sandisk 16 GB SDHD disk
Inital REcording 96/24
Torrent of 44/16 and 96/24 will be made

SETLIST: (01:44:15)

01 Boogie Wonderland
02 Singasong
03 Shining Star
04 Serpentine Fire
05 Sun Goddess
06 Kalimba Story
07 Evil (with a snippet of "Sunny" by � more)
08 Devotion (with band introductions before "Devotion")
09 That's the Way of the World
10 After the Love is Gone
11 I'll Write A Song For You
12 Reasons (with the chorus from "Betcha � more)
13 Got to Get You into My Life (The Beatles cover)
14 Fantasy
15 September
16 Let's Groove


17 In the Stone

Note: The Charlotte Chamber Orchestra performed with Earth, Wind & Fire