Eartha Kitt w/Marian McPartland
Manhattan Beach Studios

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* Conversation 5:15
* "God Bless the Child" 2:26
* Conversation 4:57
* "Where Is My Man" 2:18
* Conversation 2:00
* "St. Louis Blues" 3:11
* Conversation 6:35
* "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" 2:59
* Conversation 0:26
* "Solitude" (McPartland solo) 2:28
* Conversation 1:14
* "Lush Life" 3:22
* Conversation 0:22
* "Night and Day" 1:41
* Conversation 3:56
* "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" 4:17
* Conversation 3:48
* "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" 2:31

Total Time: 54:02

Program Notes:

Most people probably know Eartha Kitt for her famous recording of the seductive "Santa Baby" or perhaps for her role in the campy '60s television series, Batman and on this Piano Jazz, she even threw in a few trademark growls for good measure. However, her musical and performance career went far deeper than that, as is evident on this program. Having overcome bleak beginnings, Kitt lived a story that is ultimately one of triumph: There are few singers better acquainted with the sentiment of "God Bless The Child," the song that opens this Piano Jazz

Kitt talks with Marian McPartland about her difficult childhood in South Carolina, her almost accidental entree into show business, and the Parisian clubs where she "sang for hamburgers" before beginning to make a name for herself. Along the way she crossed paths with Orson Welles, who called her the most exciting woman in the world; with Turkish dignitaries with whom she learned to sing her hit tune, "Usku Dara"; and with Nat "King" Cole, her co-star in the movie St. Louis Blues. Kitt touches on all of these encounters and also gives her version of the famous row that erupted between her and Lady Bird Johnson at the White House.

Kitt's performances of "Where is My Man" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" recall the "terribly, terribly innocent" voice that asked Santa for "the deed to a platinum mine." Those "amusing songs," as she calls them, were mainstays in her repertoire, but they belied the emotional breadth her voice could convey. Her full abilities are on display here as she performs "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life." She and McPartland end the hour with "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To."

Eartha Kitt passed away on Christmas day 2008. In addition to a legacy of great music and signature performances, she leaves behind a daughter, two grand children and the Kittsville Youth Foundation Dance and Cultural Arts program, which she founded in 1965.

Originally recorded Feb. 12, 1993. Originally broadcast Apr. 10, 1993.

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88dd4a84d847265465d18843ceb6c133 [shntool] 02 God Bless the Child.flac
ff398fb5ddda51acae8b8fe0125cb7b9 [shntool] 03 Conversation.flac
4e61cd2eaa6678beaef2eaed9d7d23c5 [shntool] 04 Where is My Man.flac
0dc3182e8f1157a019142cc67c1e6562 [shntool] 05 Conversation.flac
cc8a13154e6f36d18f3d0be47715c469 [shntool] 06 St Louis Blues.flac
2bad67ac1b471eee708923bcc476d9da [shntool] 07 Conversation.flac
598a2d7aba8be72f38e9c8ef9f2f79bf [shntool] 08 My Heart Belongs to Daddy.flac
5c2e099fc15b73d480fa75c20e7b85dd [shntool] 09 Conversation.flac
149cb8379e9d4efb36860aa2bab40372 [shntool] 10 Solitude.flac
44c9521660ea9c84c032834d4f3f0e5a [shntool] 11 Conversation.flac
7cd52edbb1df7907c96e2bffc88ec11d [shntool] 12 Lush Life.flac
9ab51d3ee5af60d6b87dec46c72b6d06 [shntool] 13 Conversation.flac
e7490e424c07c5aab62a2e2afa34cb3e [shntool] 14 Night and Day.flac
ccaef49348acdf6ab9dc5639da0f085e [shntool] 15 Conversation.flac
3cffec70aacb8d050d93f000b8b3342e [shntool] 16 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.flac
a7df5027341cf3fa90e4c493016e1434 [shntool] 17 Conversation.flac
54d8c6c51a498e9508e3aa80deea8f27 [shntool] 18 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To.flac

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