T1-Chevy Chase Intro
T2-PMDawn-Hole In the Head??
T3-PMDawn-I Know That Much Is True
T4-PMDawn-She Said, She Said
T5-PMDawn-Not About You??
T6-PMDawn-I'll Try??
T7-PMDawn-Bring On Da Funk??
T8-PMDawn-Cash Money??
T9-PMDawn-Hip Hop Is Like This??
T10-10,000 Maniacs-These Are Days
T11-10,000 Maniacs-???
T12-10,000 Maniacs-What's The Matter Here
T13-10,000 Maniacs-Talk About The Weather
T14-10,000 Maniacs-There Goes My Girl
T15-10,000 Maniacs-Give Them What They Want
T16-10,000 Maniacs-Hey Romeo??
T17-Bruce Cockburn-If A Tree Falls
T18-Kenny Loggins Intro
T19-Kenny Loggins-Convictions Of The Heart
T21-Steve Miller-Swing Town
T22-Steve Miller-Dance All Night
T23-Steve Miller-Mother's Child
T24-Steve Miller-Milk and Honey
T25-Steve Miller-She Runs Like A River
T26-Steve Miller-The Joker
T27-Steve Miller-Take The Money and Run
T28-Steve Miller-Rock N Me
T29-More Chevy
T30-Don Henley-The End Of The Innocence
T31-Don Henley-Well, Well, Well
T32-Don Henley-(It's Not Easy) Being Green
T33-Don Henley-Boys Of Summer
T34-Don Henley-Heart of the Matter
T35-Paul McCartney-Coming Up
T36-Paul McCartney-Looking For Changes
T37-Paul McCartney-Fixing a Hole
T38-Paul McCartney-Band On The Run
T39-Paul McCartney-All My Loving
T40-Paul McCartney-We Can Work It Out
T41-Paul McCartney-Hope Of Deliverance
T42-Paul McCartney-Mother Nature's Son
T43-Paul McCartney-Blackbird
T44-Paul McCartney-Peace In The Neighborhood
T45-Paul McCartney-Off The Ground
T46-Paul McCartney-Can't Buy Me Love
T47-Paul McCartney-Magical Mystery Tour
T48-Paul McCartney-C'mon People
T49-Paul McCartney-Live And Let Die
T50-Paul McCartney-Let It Be
T51-Paul McCartney-Hey Juse