Earthquake - Berlin,Ger. Kant Kino 1978.02.15

1st copy from master tape>CDR(Pilips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)TLH
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Earthquake were a group from California and they played a kind of
Rock/Bluesrock/Westcoast music,very interesting but they never had
the Respect they really should get.There are not much live tapes in
circulation,so this show from the Kant Kino in 1978 is a very rare
document of the great live music from Earthquake.The quality is not
the best,I rate it only good,please listen to the 3 MP 3 samples before
downloading.I hope that this show is interesting for some people and
I like to read some comments.
booomboom in Sep.11.2010

lineup :

John Doukas (vocals)
Robbie Dunbar (guitar, piano, vocals)
Stan Miller (bass, vocals)
Steve Nelson (percussion, vocals)

Setlist :

01.I want you 05:36
02.Stay out tonight 03:10
03.One more time 02:15
04.Savin`my love 02:16
05.Speed people 02:49
06.Mr.Secutity 02:23
07.Ma Ma Mabelle 03:01
08.Friday on my mind 02:59
09.Route 66 03:30
10.Trainride 36:43