The Easy Club
KPFK Studios
Los Angeles, CA
October 31, 1985

source : fm
taper : markp

01 Dirty Old Town
02 interview
03 The Easy Club Reel
04 interview
05 Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair
06 interview
08 interview
09 This For That
10 interview
12 interview
13 The North Sea Chinaman
14 interview
15 Let Yourself Go
16 interview
17 Ms Lyall / John McNeills Reel
18 outro

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The Easy Club Track02.flac:88a0f6fc8fc1cf425c28bf43efe2cd40
The Easy Club Track03.flac:56f3eb72fd159bdb42e928634d356a34
The Easy Club Track04.flac:1103b62ff2b053545f113f8f500688bd
The Easy Club Track05.flac:4c625759325671a9f75d83c470452b93
The Easy Club Track06.flac:273267c957298d1dce40b6797dba3a56
The Easy Club Track07.flac:170930a736c95c4fa214287b9baa657f
The Easy Club Track08.flac:05bc31ca3cc19f746cbc7df93d2025b8
The Easy Club Track09.flac:aa48c71f04381f5afc82de97b974ee07
The Easy Club Track10.flac:7ba9fbbe3c0fad0a0b739c89626bf5e9
The Easy Club Track11.flac:67e083f8b210a47cb391814c921ad37b
The Easy Club Track12.flac:a7bf542ffce5ebae6a70035a4b6cf988
The Easy Club Track13.flac:28c3c26e4c2fe4db43dddf2b94714b54
The Easy Club Track14.flac:0d7d96a6aa950dfa09965a8efeef2c60
The Easy Club Track15.flac:1a60b55222b0a8f65d53d7f4c87046a5
The Easy Club Track16.flac:5c5ff94d0b116773fb38f31295b7b9b1
The Easy Club Track17.flac:1a77220c267a5f0be00acb402bca80e2
The Easy Club Track18.flac:220b6e74b35b5c2b7b7672d4750601ec