Ebbot Lundberg & the Indigo Children
Molotow Sky Bar, Hamburg, Germany
December - 02 - 2016

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The Sky Bar of the Molotow Club is located 30 feet above the Reeperbahn, so there's a nice view at the things that happens below. But all eyes and ears were only directed to the stage where Ebbot and the Indigo Children delivered a fantastic show in front of maybe 100 people. All the guys and girls were really fun to watch, good sound, full blown guitar attacks, a few nice changes to the setlist compared to the night before in Bielefeld. The crowd was so enthusiatic that Ebbot and the organ player returned after some minutes for a second encore. Enjoy the recording and some photos....

Setlist - Complete Gig (92:02 min.):

01 intro/crowd
02 For The Ages To Come
03 Calling From Heaven
04 The Golden Age
05 Little Big Thing
06 From Gravity To Gold
07 Chameleon Ride
08 To Be Continued
09 Don't Blow Your Mind
10 I See Forever
11 Glad To Have You Back
12 Arnold Layne
13 Mantra Slider
14 1st encore call
15 Waiting For Turns
16 Second Life Replay
17 2nd encore call
18 Tonight

band line-up:

Ebbot Lundberg - vocals
Billy Cervin - guitar, vocals
Elias Jungqvist - keyboards, vocals
Hugo Martensson - drums, vocals
Rebecka Rolfart - guitar, vocals
Joacim Jorba Nilson - bass

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