Echo And The Bunnymen - 1985-04-30 - Stockholm Kolingsborg Club [AUD, 1st gen.]

Echo & the Bunnymen
The Kolingsborg Club,
Stockholm, Sweden.
30th April 1985
1st generation audience recording

A very nice sounding audience recording, unfortunately I have lost the exact recording equipment and taper details since I originally got this on 2 cassettes in a trade back in the mid 1980's (but it would seem from the good quality throughout that it must have been captured using one of the Sony Walkman Professional series of tape recorders). Note that this is the full version, including both the initial "support" performance containing various cover versions, and the entire main set.

Lineage :-

Traded Maxell XL-II90 source 1st generation audience cassette tapes -> Aiwa Cassette Deck (play) -> SB Extigy soundcard -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 -> WAV -> CD-R's

Conversion to FLAC :-

Archived CD-R's -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp

Setlistings :-

Covers set :-

She Cracked
There She Goes Again
The Big Country
Midnight Hour
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Soul Kitchen
Paint It Black
Run Run Run

Main set songlisting :-

Over The Wall
The Back Of Love
All That Jazz
My Kingdom
Heads Will Roll
Villiers Terrace
Angels And Devils
The Killing Moon
The Cutter
-------- tape flip (no music lost --------
A Promise
Gods Will Be Gods
Heaven Up Here
Do It Clean
Thorn Of Crowns

Length = 81 mins 21 secs approx.

Total length (both sets) = 121 mins 29 secs