Echo and the Bunnymen
Ian McCulloch: lead vocals, guitar
Will Sergeant: guitar
Les Pattinson: bass
David Palmer: drums

the Wang Center for the Performing Arts
(formerly Boston Music Hall, now Citi Performing Arts Center)
Boston, Mass.
march 28, 1986
touring their album "songs to learn to sing"
incomplete audience recording
(plus 2 live on TV tracks)
runtime: 83:35 (minutes/seconds)

1: never stop 3:50 (cuts in)
2: rescue 3:54
3: Villiers Terrace 3:53
4: heads will roll 3:58
5: sattelite 2:56 (new song)
6: back of love 3:11
7: crocodiles 4:48
8: the killing moon 4:16
9: seven seas 3:26
10: bedbugs & ballyhoo 3:18
11: bring on the dancing horses 4:40 (end applause spliced, tape flip)
12: the cutter 4:01
13: lips like sugar 4:25
14: my kindgom 3:38
15: all that jazz 2:53
16: thorn of crowns 5:18
17: do it clean 6:37
18: over the wall 6:14
the encores were supposedly
paint it black and ocean rain
but are missing from this recording
19: I wanna be there when you come (David Letterman TV, august 26, 1997) 3:48
20: lips like sugar (Craig Kilborn TV, december 10, 2001) 4:27

tracks 1-18, audience recording, probably with Sony D-6 cassette recorder,
unknown mike and Maxell XLII tape > copy (1st or 2nd gen?) >
last 2 tracks, cable TV audio master to cassette >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that, bunnyhop production.
do not sell this recording.
let the bunnies hop freely.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly

an energetic performance from the tour of
"songs to learn to sing"
the band is tight and inspired
the recording is a pretty good one too in most of the show
but not quite ideal, as there is some distortion in some parts
(it's not overmodulation, probably from the sound at the show,
not in all of it, not even in all of the loudest parts)
the crowd is into it, thankfully there isn't much crowd noise in the recording
the recorder had a good spot for this one
unfortunately he missed the beginning of the concert, cutting into "never stop"
and the last 2 songs (encores) are missing from this tape copy.
the 1st couple of songs are a little muffled as he sets up
but it gets better after that.