Ed Neff and Friends
2007-10-08 (Mon)
Le Bateau Ivre (The Drunken Boat)
Berkeley, CA USA

Ed Neff - mandolin and vocals
Michael Wilhoit - guitar and vocals
Larry Cohea - banjo and vocals
Jeff King - bass and vocals
Paul Shelasky - fiddle and comedy


sbd > Tascam DA-P1
transfer: Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB >
Samplitude 6.0 > CDWav > flac 6

disc one/set one
d1t01 banter
d1t02 On My Way Back To The Old Home
d1t03 banter
d1t04 There Is A Trap
d1t05 banter
d1t06 Last Gold Dollar (?)
d1t07 banter
d1t08 Sunny Side Of The Mountain
d1t09 banter
d1t10 Cherokee Shuffle
d1t11 banter
d1t12 I'm Travlin' Down This Lonesome Road
d1t13 banter
d1t14 Rock Hearts
d1t15 banter
d1t16 Toy Heart
d1t17 banter
d1t18 Let Me Love You One More Time
d1t19 banter
d1t20 Rebecca
d1t21 banter
d1t22 My Walkin' Shoes Don't Fit Me Any More
d1t23 end of set blah blah

disc two/set two
d2t01 tuning etc.
d2t02 Back To Old Kentucky
d2t03 banter
d2t04 Are You Washed In The Blood
d2t05 banter
d2t06 Love Of The Mountains
d2t07 banter
d2t08 Rocky Road Blues
d2t09 banter
d2t10 The Big Country
d2t11 banter
d2t12 Shenandoah Valley Waltz
d2t13 banter
d2t14 Rank Stranger
d2t15 banter
d2t16 Why Did You Wander
d2t17 banter
d2t18 Doin' My Time
d2t19 banter
d2t20 The Bluest Man In Town
d2t21 banter
d2t22 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
d2t23 banter
d2t24 Roll On Buddy
d2t25 good night