Ed Palermo Big Band
Mike Keneally
Iridium NYC
Feburary 8th, 2012
Early Set


Ed Palermo Big Band with Mike Keneally - 2012 02 08 (E) Iridium NYC 76.22 AUD MC (HughGotIt)
Time: 76.22 min
Rating: A



00 Intro
01 Dupree's Paradise
02 Cruising For Burgers
03 Snake Oil (Tony Williams)
04 Lumpy Gravy
05 Let's Move To Cleveland (includes Shove It Right In & Billy The Mt.)
06 Pre-amble
07 Cletus Awreetus - Awrightus
08 Pre-amble
09 Norwegian Wood (Beatles)
10 Pre-amble
11 Toads of The Short Forest
12 Sy Borg
13 Magic Fingers
14 Echidna's Arf (Of You)
15 Scarface Theme (Giorgio Moroder)
16 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
17 The Finale (from 200 Motels)
18 Thank you Folks!



Ed Palermo - Conducter, Arranger, Sax

Saxaphone Section:
Barbara Cifelli
Ben Kono
Cliff Lyons
Phil Chester
Bill Straub

Trombone Section:
Matt Ingram
Charlie Gordon
Michael Boscarino

Trumpet Section:
Ronnie Buttacavoli
John Hines

Keyboard Section:
Bob Quaranta
Ted Kooshian

Rhythm Section:
Paul Adamy (bass)
Bruce McDaniels (guitar & vocals)
Katie Jacoby (violin & vocals)

Ray Marchica

And special guest:
Mike Keneally (guitar and vocals)



Lineage recording (2012 02 08):
-> Position: directly behind the mixing console
-> WAV-File 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz
-> Recorder: Tascam DR-07, with High Gain
-> Microphone: Sony ECM-719 (external Stereo Mic)

Lineage production (2012 02 10):
-> Editing/Coding: CD Wave Editor (only track editing), WAV to FLAC (Level 8)
-> SBE's Check, FFP & MD5: Trader's Little Helper

To preserve the sound of the original recording as much as possible:
NO cuts, NO fade-ins or -outs, NO track normalisation, NO sound filter!



Taped, tracked & transferred by:

Thanks to: Ed Palermo and his rockin' teenage big band, Mike, TomNY, Alon
and the entire Iridium staff.

Seeded @ http://www.zappateers.com / 2012 02 10