Ed Palermo Big Band
"The Falcon CD Release Party"
2014 02 01
Marlboro NY

Set List:

Early Show
01. Oh No!! Not Jazz!! Opening Skit:
A. Zomby Woof Excerpt#1
B. Zomby Woof Excerpt#2
C. Cheepnis Excerpt#1
D. Cops And Rubbers Excerpt
E. Cheepnis Excerpt#1 Again
F. Rdnzl Coda
02. Yer Fast Medley =
Magic Fingers Intro Segue Into
Yer Fast (Todd Rundgren)
Yo Mama Fanfare Interlude
Rockin In Rhythm Mashup (Duke Ellington+Zappa)
A. Rockin� In Rhythm
B. Bow Tie Daddy
C. Rockin� In Rhythm
D. Brown Shoes Don�T Make It Excerpt
E. Rockin� In Rhythm
F. A Different Brown Shoes Don�T Make It Excerpt
Janet�S Big Dance Number
Moosh/Yer Fast (Todd Rundgren/Ed Palermo)
03. Rdnzl Intro
Includes Band Introductions
04. Footprints/Bitches Crystal (Wayne Shorter/Keith Emerson)
Inca Roads Short Insert
05. Sinister Footwear*
06. Echidna�S Arf
With Intro To Little House
Magic Fingers Intro Segue Into
07. Hello It�S Me (Todd Rundgren)
08. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing
09. Zomby Woof

Late Show
01. Even The Shoes (Chitter With Tony Falco & Ed Palermo)
02. Let�S Reproduce (Ed Palermo)
03. King Kong
With Unreleased King Kong Insert
04. 21St Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
05. Eddy Loves Todd, Too (Chatter)
06. Just Another Onion Head (Todd Rundgren)
07. Directly From My Heart To You
08. Chunga�S Armageddon (Zappa+Wayne Shorter)
09. Prelude To An Insult (Ed Palermo)
10. G-Spot Medley =
G Spot Tornado#1
Free For All (Wayne Shorter)
Caribbean Fire Dance/I Wanna Be Your Man (Joe Henderson+Beatles)
Gspot Finale
11. Band Introductions
12. Nostalgia Revisited (Ed Palermo)
13. Good Night Everybody, God Luv Ya (Ed Palermo)
14. Rainy Day/Still Raining (Jimi Hendrix)
15. Encore Medley =
I Am The Walrus (Beatles)
Magic Fingers Intro Segue Into
Electric Aunt Jemima/You Can Call Me Al (Zappa+Paul Simon)
Inca Roads Finale

all Zappa except where indicated
arrangements by Ed Palermo, except JUST ANOTHER
ONION HEAD with Pierre Piscitelli
and * by Bruce McDaniel


Ed Palermo (arranger, alto saxophone, vocals)

Cliff Lyons (alto saxophone, flute, clarinet)
Ben Kono (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Bill Straub (flute, tenor saxophone)
Barbara Cifelli (piccolo, flute, baritone saxophone, clarinet)
Phil Chester (piccolo, flute, soprano & alto saxophones)

Ronnie Buttacavoli John Bailey

Charlie Gordon
Joe Fiedler
Matt Ingman

Bob Quaranta (piano)
Ted Kooshian (harpsichord, organ, synthesizer)
Bruce McDaniel (vocals & guitar)
Paul Adamy (bass)
Ray Marchica (drums)
Katie Jacoby (violin & vocals)


Lineage recording (2014 02 01):
set 1 and 1st half of set 2:
matrix : Zoom h4n int. ext SM57 > SP-CMC-4U > SP-SPSB-10 > DR-08 > SF11 > TLH
set 2 (2nd half)
matrix : Nikon S9500 48K 32BIT > SBD PRESONUS 48 K 32 BIT 16.4.2 > FIREWIRE 12 TRACK TOSHIBA LAPTOP
> FIREWIRE > PRESONUS 16.4.2 > SF 11 > SF11 > TLH

Lineage production (2014 03 01):
-> dither, encode: Reaper
-> Editing/Coding: CD Wave Editor (track splitting only)
-> SBE Check, WAV to FLAC (Level 8), encode check, ffp: Trader's Little Helper


recordings (audience/soundboard) and matrix by
Ray Morelli

Tracked & transferred by:

Thanks to:
Ed Palermo and his rockin' teenage big band, Susan Palermo, Tony Falco, Greg and the entire Falcon staff.