Ed Palermo Big Band
Wnti Stage Fest
Delaware, Nj
July 17Th, 2015
Band Member Recording

Ed Palermo Big Band - 2015 07 17 Delaware Nj 79.34 Aud Mc (Padamy-Hgi)

01. Hot Fun In The Summertime (Sly+The Family Stone)
Peaches En Regalia 4:58
02. Willie The Pimp (Zappa) 3:03
03. Torture Never Stops Intro/We Love You/Tomorrow Never Knows/
Gspot Tornado (Rolling Stones, Beatles, Zappa) 4:15
04. Jingo/Gspot/Caravan (Santana, Zappa, Duke Ellington) 6:06
05. As You Said (Jack Bruce) 4:22
06. Big Swifty Intro/Marqueson�S Chicken (Zappa) 3:50
07. Milestones/Joshua/So What/Impressions (Miles Davis/John Coltrane) 5:27
08. Invocation Of The Young Pumpkin (Zappa)
Eight Miles High/Hot Plate Heaven (Byrds/Zappa)
I Can See For Miles#1 (The Who) 2:27
09. Band Introduction (Minus Paul Adamy, For Shame Ed Palermo) 1:18
10. Echidna's Arf (Zappa) 3:57
11. The Little House I Used To Live In Suite (Zappa) 7:28
12. I Can See For Miles Reprise/Rdnzl (The Who/Zappa) 1:17
13. Sell It, Eddy!! (Chat) 1:54
14. Directly From My Heart To You (Little Richard Via Zappa) 5:12
15. Please Stand-By (Chat) 1:40
16. Big Swifty Coda (Zappa)
21St Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) 5:01
17. Preamble To Boogie 1:07
18. Copyright Infringement Boogie Mashup (Hendrix/Zappa) 1:20
A. Little Miss Lover (Hendrix)
B. Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
C. Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
D. Who Knows? (Hendrix)
E. Big Swifty (Zappa)
F. King Kong Zappa)
19. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) 1:48
20. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing (Zappa) 1:34
21. Edward The Mad Hatter/Shove It Right In (Nicky Hopkins Via Quicksilver Messenger Service/Zappa) 3:16
22. Show Finale-Massive Mash Up Comprised Of Themes Heard Throughout The Night 5:48
A. Rdnzl (Zappa)
B. 21St Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
C. Big Swifty (Zappa)
D. King Kong (Zappa)
E. Keep It Greasy (Zappa)
F. Hot Plate Heaven (Zappa)
G. What�S New In Baltimore (Zappa)
H. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing (Zappa)
I. Twin Peaks Theme (Badalamenti)
23. Hot Fun In The Summertime Reprise (Sly Stone)
Inca Roads Finale (Zappa) 2:16
Total Time: 79:34 Min.

Music By Frank Zappa
Unless Otherwised Noted.

Arrangements By
Ed Palermo
With Bruce Mcdaniel

Line Up:
Ed Palermo - Arranger, Sax, Voc

Saxophone Section (With Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo & Oboe):
Barbara Cifelli
Danny Pierson
Cliff Lyons
Phil Chester
Bill Straub

Trombone Section:
Rebecca Patterson
Charlie Gordon
Mike Boschen

Trumpet Section:
John Bailey
Ronnie Buttacavoli

Keyboard Section:
Bob Quaranta
Ted Kooshian

Rhythm Section:
Paul Adamy (Bass)
Bruce Mcdaniel (Guitar & Lead Voc)
Ray Marchica (Drums)
Katie Jacoby (Violin, Voc)

Taped And Edited By
Paul Adamy

Recording Acquired By
Ray Morelli

Final Edit By

(Paul Adamy) 2015 07 17 - Zoom H2 Recorder>Wav 44/16>Unknown Editing Program
(Hughgotit) 2015 07 22 - Editing/Coding: Cd Wave Editor (Only Track Splitting),
Wav To Flac (Level 8)> Sbe's Check, Ffp: Trader's Little Helper

To Ray Morelli For His Paul Adamy Connection.
To Ed Palermo Big Band For A Performance I'll Never Forget!
To Paul Adamy For Sharing His Beautiful Music.

This Recording Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Zappateer Member And Contributer Eric Meulenbroek Aka: Youngpumpkin.
Eric Is Not Gone, Because The Music He Has Shared Here Will Live Forever!

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